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Does anyone know if Nursing programs (particularly Union University) accepts students with misdemeanor convictions... Most of them are "driving charges" but 2 misdemeanor theft of properties many years ago. I contacted the... Read More

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    carrie, Thank you very much for your input again!! Thank you for your advices too!!! yes, that is cheap, I have done the two state criminal background check -bureau of identification before and they all show clear and they all take fignerprints. So i thinkg it should be okay. the two states i took fringerprint and do investigation is about 30 dollars to 69 dollars, 29 in TN is cheap and it took about 4 weeks till you get the results. that is weird that you get the wrong results and i am glad that you are smart to fix it !!! that advice might be worthy thousands of dollars to everyone here. Thanks a lot !!!

    I think you will get a job soon. Do not worry. I am new to nursing too. I know they said covernant 8 hospitals all hire extern and they say UT has summer program and they said vandy has good nursing resident program too. They say it is difficult to find hospital jobs for new graduate but nursing home could be much better. But i assume you must want to find a hospital position. Keep on hard working and networking and I think you will find a niche soon.

    BTW. i think TN people are really very nice and ready to help. TNA is a good association for your to network ,maybe you can join them and have more information. They have coming convention this Oct in nashville. Hope you can realize your dream soon !!! Best of luck to your future!!!!

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    Thank you!

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