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What is the National background check consist of? What are they looking for? Felonies, misdemeanors, or summary offences? I am in a pre nursing program and they were talking about backgrounds and I... Read More

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    Hello, I would like to share my own story because when I got into a mess I read so many post that lead me to believe there wasn't hope. About a year into Nursing school I got a theft charge. I had never been in trouble in my life and prided myself on what a good citizen I am.. .lol I had stopped and picked up 13 bricks from the edge of town that had been sitting for years and were covered in dirt and grass. I thought it was a shame and sought to make something of them. I was going to make a flower bed in my back yard. It was the middle of the day and my actions were out in the open. A police man came by and said that the bricks were the cities and charged me with theft. I felt my world was over and after reading everyone's post on message boards was certain of it! Eventually the charge was dismissed and I had the charge expunged. Again the internet and persistent Googling led me to believe just having a charge made me hopeless and even though it was expunged the board would see it.

    Happy Ending - The board never saw my charge! It didn't even show up on the FBI and BCI background check. I received my Approval To Test and an offer for a great job before I was even licensed in Ohio.

    If God put it on your heart to be a nurse then you should be a nurse. Pray about and take the legal steps you can to make good on your actions and God will see you through!!
    The BON gives a copy of the background check to you once it comes back? Thanks.