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Hello all, About three years ago I was charged with a misdemeanor for petty theft in California. I was granted a pre-trial diversion program, case was ultimately dismissed, and did not receive a conviction. Has anyone else... Read More

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    And what would that website be? I'm located in California...I don't know if there is a state police website where you can view it? I know that if you look at the county's superior court court records--my case number does pop up...however, it doesn't show any information..but the case number. What state police website did you use?


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    Yes, I will definitely disclose it. Well, in the State of California--per the BON's website, you have to disclose all of it (dismissed, diversion, and convictions). Many people say that as long as you are truthful, then they have no right to deny you of your license since there was never any conviction involved.

    Were you charged three times? or were you given a plea bargain of entering the pre-trial diversion program and all three charges would be dismissed? Did you also have drug charges as well? What state are you located in? So, you met with the board the very first time, and they were not convinced? I would love to hear what the board has decided once you meet them on Thursday! Keep me updated, and let me know the board's final decision! Thanks for sharing you story..and I hope they will give you your license! Good luck!

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    Did you ever get an answer to your appeal?? I would love to hear the outcome!
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    Just an update: I completed my CNA class, graduated, passed the state board, was hired at a SNH, and just waiting to receive my official certificate in the mail!
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    Congratulations and thank you for the update!
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    Hi pollypocket,
    I was wondering about your pretrial diversion.
    I'm a pre-nursing student and I made a terrible terrible decision that I regret making everyday since, I was charged with a misdemeanor for petty theft in California also. I know I cannot undue what I have done. I just want to move on with my future and hope for the best.
    I know this is a thread about licensure but how did you go about getting a retrial diversion? Did you hire an attorney or were you represented by public defense? How did your case get dismissed? (I'm not getting clear answers form legal help websites.)
    Is there hope for me yet? I'm so happy for you and congratulations on your licensure!!
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    Dear Pollypocket,
    My friend lives in Santa Clara county of CA. She received few days ago Misdemeanor citation for Petty Theft. She has a clean background with no priors of any kind. This citation of petty theft was for a $10 of food.u
    She is anxious to get a letter in the mail about the pre-filing diversion program. Do you remember how long it took you to receive the letter about a diversion program that upon successful completion, there will be no records and conviction? And what the name of your program and what were required in that prog? Her court is in barely 1 month so any info here is tremendously appreciated. So many thanks!!!! She is very anxious now because she is applying for jobs and she gets sick with remorses and worries.

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