Can I get in school? Can I get a license? A job?

  1. Most people don't seem to be aware that a lot of the questions in here can be answered by reading the BON site in your state. They explain licensing requirements, barriers to getting a license, the procedures for discipline, and also name people that have actions against their licenses, why, the outcome, etc. You can get an idea of your odds by reading though things like this. For example, a DUI- the BON told you 'can't say, it's a case by case basis and until you graduate and apply, we have no comment'. Yet 90% of the nurses in your state disciplined for even first time, misdemeanor DUI...have their licenses revoked? Hmm.

    Also, states and the feds have lists called 'disqualifying offenses'- things that if you have been convicted of prevent you from working in certain settings (whether you get a license or not)- for example, if you've been convicted of child abuse, you can't work around children. Search your state then 'penal code' for 'disqualifying nursing offenses', or something like that. You may be suprised at just how many things are automatic barriers to working in one area of healtcare or another.

    And- if you think it appears you can ultimately get a license, and a job- call your prospective school, and ask them if your offense 1) is a barrier to enrolling, and 2) is it a barrier to clinical sites.

    Also, I've noticed that, sadly, clinical sites sometimes 'adjust' their background requirements- and in some cases students who were acceptable, become unacceptable.

    Lot to think about, with a few hours of homework you can either save yourself a lot of grief- or even, you might realize that despite your past, you may have a good fighting chance?

    As people keep saying- calling to ask the BON usually is non productive.

    One more thing- as benign as it may seem to be, if you fail to even notify your BON of an address change within the time they demand, you can get into 'huge' trouble....

    It's tough to read how many people graduate, then end up with a worthless piece of paper, and a mountain of forever debt. It shouldn't be allowed to happen, but it does.
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