CA board denying application for license by nclex exam, appeal? or stipulate? - page 4

I unfortunately received a letter yesterday denying my application for examination for previous DUI's. I thought I waited long enough to apply, guess not. One was in 6/07 and the other 5/08. Now the... Read More

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    Hey! nothing yet, i just sent them a letter to set up a hearing/ or request to reckoning the date of my reapply, instead of sept.2012 to sept.2013 i asked them if they can make it feb 2013 because the date i got my reexamination was feb 2012 and also i was mislead to believe i take my nclex twice. It's jus strange how i was able to take the test twice after that incident when i thought they decided to let me retake, and now theyr denying my application when i just took my test. Usually i read some threads where people get denied due to an issue or background and had to clear it up before they get their ATT and sit to take the nclex. How about you?whats going on?

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    Hello guys! Although I do NOT have this issue, I did have a similar one over 20 or 30 years ago! However, over time, these types of things are removed from your record. However, you can also ASK that they be purged, or whatever the terminology is. I think you have to actually go through a process to do that (at least in some states I guess) and once you do that, it will no longer show up on your record. So, no matter how OLD it is, if it is still THERE, you will probably be denied. This is my understanding. So, check into it! Hope this helps!
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    I got an associate degree in nursing. I have been an LPN for 17 years. I got a DUI in 2010 and completed everything that was required to get off of probation. I graduated from Ashland University in Texas. I want to sit for my nclex-rn but the board tells me that is not an approved school of nursing. Two things, will the dui keep me from taking my boards and will tn let me apply for my boards? Anyone been in this situation before?

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