Back to nrsg in OK after expungment....

  1. 0 I was an lpn for 13yrs. I had a family tragedy in '07. I then had a total breakdown. I ended up walking out on the job and recvd a caregiver neglect felony deferred sentence. I had this expunged this wk. The OSBI report now states, 'plead not guilty, case dismissed'. I am taking my nrsg refresher course next month. Paying my fines to the board, and having my license reinstated after I complete the class. (I don't forsee any problems w/the nrsg board at this time.) My question is this, will I have a problem finding a job? I have never been in trouble prior to '07. I have been working the administrative side of healthcare the last few yrs and have excellent refrences.
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    Moving to nursing licensure with criminal history forum.

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