Any nurses out there hired by a hospital after a minor felony on their record? - page 5

Does anyone know FIRST hand whether or not a hospital will actually consider a candidate with a felony on their record? More than 14 years ago when I was only a teenager, I was charged as an accomplice in a theft. I DID NOT... Read More

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    not in WI. I have spoken to a lawyer. Only felonies can be expunged after 5 years I believe. How odd is that, really? But it's true. I'm stuck with it.

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    That is kinda weird since a felony is worse than a misdeameanor. Like you said I guess you just have to live with it and hope the employer will understand. Good luck in your job search.
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    wow. have you ever considered going into criminal justice studies? sounds like you would make a great legal nurse! you certainly got the flame underneath your **** to do it! i know your last post is close to a year old, so maybe your situation has changed... how is your job search coming? I'm in the process now of job searching and i have a background history as well. The first perspective employer who ran my background had a copy of the report mailed to me. that started the ball rolling what I needed to do get the history straightened out. glad I did. My job search has been ongoing since last Feb. i'm not giving up, someone will take me. i hope you have found something. post a response to let me know, so that glimmer of hope will stay lit for me!
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    Unfortunatly I don't have much of a glimmer of hope. I have been unemployed since February last year. I have my felony expunged in October this year. However I still have permanent restrictions on my license which is giving me problems. I have found unfortunatly that most people don't believe in second chances. I am still pushing forward hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. I have gone back to school for a different carrer which I really didn't want to do because nursing has been my life for 34 years. Still hoping someone out there will give me that second chance. Good luck and keep trying.
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    Quote from RN-NewGrad
    Thanks for the reply but as I mentioned before felonies can not be expunged. And by "minor" felony I mean that it was not murder, rape etc. There is a BIG difference between murder and some petty theft but they are still both felonies, hence the word minor. Besides, as I mentioned, I DID NOT DO THE CRIME in the first place and I was a teenager(charged as an adult), so to me, it was minor. Also if you start reading the law books, there really are some laws that would shock you. Things you would never even think are illegal are and the word felony implies a terrible crime and that isn't always the case but I am still being classified in the same category as murders and rapists and so no wonder I can't get an interview.

    Also, as I stated, I did not disclose this to my nursing school director or the BON prior to sitting for the boards because I did not know it was on my record until after passing the NCLEX as I already explained. The fingerprint check did not come back apparently until after the test. Maybe my felony is only seen by FBI fingerprint and not by running my name (I don't know) So, I have been honest. As soon as I learned it was on my record, I have always checked yes on my applications.

    I already know from talking to lawyers that legally there is nothing I can do to fix this but get a pardon, but that will never happen because after doing some research, it appears that there are thousands of pardon applications sitting on the governors desk having never been looked at because governors don't want to appear to be soft on crime.

    The reason for my post as I mentioned before was to see if any HR person will even consider looking at a job application from someone who checked yes to a felony. This isn't about being honest, because I am being honest. I can't really explain the situation very well anyways without the interview. I still would like to hear from those that have checked yes and got the interview.

    On a side note, there are countless people that have been wrongfully convicted (including myself) in this country alone and society looks down on them and asks them to be sorry for the crime they did not commit. Imagine for a second how your life would be if YOU were accused of something you did not do and then for the rest of your life you had to be looked at as a criminal and couldn't even get a job and people told you to just be honest and say you are sorry and have learned from your mistake (In other words admit to the crime even though you didn't do it). Don't think it is possible... then you are wrong. It happens way more than anyone thinks. Think about it. Police officers are just regular people like you and me. They are biased and they aren't judges or lawyers either so when they arrest someone, many, many times they are wrong. But when a jury and judge sees that person in the courtroom, they like you, automatically think guilty because this society thinks that if they were innocent then the cop wouldn't have arrested them. We really put a lot of power in the hands of the police officers. Many of which are crooks themselves. Our legal system is far from anything we want it to be or think it is. From the cop all the way up to the law makers themselves. The system is flawed and therefore can't be trusted. But we are taught as young children to trust the police officer so we do and we trust the system and so there are a lot of you out there who automatically assume I am guilty and so it is my mistake to live with. Isn't this what the HR people think too, probably. So that's my problem. How do I get to be seen on my application as the smart, skilled nurse I am instead of the crime I was accused of?
    I feel you on this!
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    I agree 100%. I didn't do what I was convicted of either, unfortunately I had no evidence on my side as it conveniently disappeared. It was my word against my accuser and my attorney told me the jury would believe him "the more prominent citizen of the community". I had no choice but to plea bargain. Yes it is very difficult to tell someone you did it when you really didn't do it. I have gotten through to a couple interviews but unfortunately that is as far as it went. Yes our legal system stinks.
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    I moved from Florida to Georgia about 2 years ago and recently recieved my certifiecation as a Nurse Technician and would like to possibly soon start in the RN class.I have a criminal background for theft from 14 years ago which is a felony and 2 other petty theft charges from a little over 12 years ago and have faced the problem with being hired and fired off and on for several years now unless,it was a dead end job.I went to an interview earlier this year and was selected out of several others that applied to be hired and might I mention it was for a decent pay and was denied employment after a background check. A few months ago I was working for a nursing home and apparently they did not find anything.I left that job so I can do more than just be restricted to just strenous cna work since I have other certifications in ekg,phlebotomy as well .I also was offered another position in a longterm care facility and was already hired but I did not go because the orientation would have then intefered with my then externship.I also volunteer at a local hospital and they do background checks as well and they apparently didnt find anything about any criminal offenses .However I applied to another hospital to because I was told by my instructor that by volunteering in the hospital that it could be a possible doorway to a job there.I did do my research on this other hospital and found out that another hospital of choice paid a whole lot more and had better benefits than the one im volunteering to now so, I applied there and was interviewed and they was suppose to called within 5 days to tell when to start and they called and said I was denied as a volunteer because of my background. I was wondering if your already working as a volunteering at a hospital and have apparently passed a criminal background check would they asked you to take another one if you applied for a job and was selected for a position...
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    I would talk to a "nurse lawyer". I had a past charge but it was a bogus charge and never should of happened. Nurse lawyers are on the internet in your area. I actually used one in Austin Texas where the Bon is located in Texas. I think that was a bonus although I live 800 miles away. Those type of lawyers know the "nurse" law in your area. Perhaps the BON will take into consideration that your character has been clear for many years. But talk to a good nurse lawyer for advice. :redlight:
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    Can anyone tell me if hospitals actually fingerprint you before a job offer or do they just ask for the basic background check with your ssi and dl#?
    This is a major difference because if your background has info on it more than ten years ago it probably will not show up in a basic background check however it will show up on any fingerprinting check. Also I wonder if they do them in all states or just the states you have lived in the past 10 years?

    I have a very minor misdameanor 13 years ago in a different state, I know I wont have a problem getting licensed or getting into nursing school and if hospitals dont fingerprint for rn jobs then I really should not have a problem there either because my record is espunged and I dont have to disclose it unless I know it will come out on the fingerprinting, which it will and I plan to disclose to the BON but not the hospital when applying for jobs unless I will be fingerprinted. Thanks in advance!
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    The company that does the background checks for the hospitals do run fingerprints. Sometimes the schools kinda do, but really when you apply for the state test and jobs. The nurse/lawyers in your area will help you if you hire them and will consult you as well.

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