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Does anyone know FIRST hand whether or not a hospital will actually consider a candidate with a felony on their record? More than 14 years ago when I was only a teenager, I was charged as an accomplice in a theft. I DID NOT... Read More

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    If you didn't go to court, you're not convicted and they more than likely dropped the charges. Take it upon yourself to get a complete background check (go to your local cops and robbers office and submit a request). Some take a number of months but at leas you'll have in your paws what they see. In your case I suspect charges were dropped since you never went to court therefore you can say NO.

    Call the police in that jurisdiction and they'd be happy to help you. It's a common question.

    In closing, "Everyone likes a bad boy until they have to call the cops." Nice guys finish last.

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  2. 0's all fun and games until the cops get involved. (well not really though! lol)

    The charges were definitely dropped. Thank you for your input! I just hate having to explain the situation. If I only knew then, right?
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    This posting has given me some hope, I'm 19 years old and I got caught shop lifting a year ago iv wanted to be a nurse for 3 years now and I mess it all up in one stupid act. Iím terrified I wont even be able to get in to a CNA program let alone an RN program. I know in my heart a lot has changed with me, when the theft happened I had just moved out and it ruined a lot of things for me. I lost my job I had court fines and finding a job to pay rent as an 18 year old with a record is not an easy task. I regret it every day still after having found two jobs and getting my life back in order a year later. I started doing research on nursing and i found out that theft can disqualify me from even taking the classes that I need to start on the path to be a nurse. I regret my decision but I know that all the hardship I suffered though helped me grow up a lot. Until I saw this posting I had been freaking out the past few days frantically looking for advice on how to handle it all, so thank you...
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    call the BON and ask for an exception if they state theft is on the nono list. Most states it's no big deal.
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    Quote from castlegates
    call the bon and ask for an exception if they state theft is on the nono list. most states it's no big deal.
    rules and reg do vary by state. there are federal medicare regs for cna 's that are stricter than nurses due to protection for elderly. many states make no determination until graduation and application made for certification or licensure....colorado is one such state: colorado: cna program background check in pa it is a big deal: theft conviction prevents one from getting cna certificate.
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    I am coming into this topic late, and have found it very helpful. My question is when do you tell them about the felony if you are submitting a resume in response to an ad on something like My Felony was less than 4 years ago. I served 30 months on a 4 year sentence and will complete my parole January 2010. My conviction was for possesion of a controlled substance. I realize that I have an uphill battle from this point. I have to address the BON regarding my liscense also. I have read many of the posts about those issues already.

    Regardless of Licensing issues, I still have alot to offer from my many years of experience. Granted that I got stupid about 5 years ago, but I have regained my senses and am now trying to put my life back together. Any real life stories will help!
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    I have a minor retail theft charge on my record, as well as a DUI and possession of marijuana/paraphernalia (the theft is the most recent) and JUST got my RN. So it's possible. I did have to send in the police records to the board of licensing however. I also was told to write a statement regarding the charges, and circumstances, etc. NOW my uphill battle is getting someone to hire me. As I have made countless stupid mistakes in my life, but after graduating and getting my license, I realize how it's all come full circle, and I feel like I have ruined my life. It's the worst feeling I've ever had. It haunts me every single day.
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    RN-new grad,

    It is very difficult sorry to say once you have a felony. I am in a similar situation except I have been a nurse for over 30 years. I worked for an office for 25 years and was wrongly accused of a felony. My attorney talked me into pleading quilty as the jury would beliveve the "more prominent citizen of the community". I had no proof and it was my word against the other persons.
    I completed all my probation with the state and the state board of nursing. I agree with you, I have paid for what I did wrong (even though I didn't do it) but I am still guilty in everyone's eyes and no one wants to give me a second chance. I will be able to have the felony expunged but I now have to deal with the permanent restrictions from the state board . I love nursing and don't want to give it up but at this point it looks like I may have to. I haven't given up but some days I wonder what I will do next. You are lucky in one way is that you do not have restrictions to your license. I would definitely check on getting it expunged then you can legally answer no to the felony question. I have a question for readers. do you know if there are any support groups or assistance for job referrals for nurses with a felony in their past?
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    Wandakeeton, I'm not sure if you're talking to me or not? I'm not a felon though. Nothing on my record is a felony (in the state I live in anyways). So none is classified as a felony. I have a misdemenor for the dui, and the rest are just municipal violations. Not even considered "crimes" by law. But on apps, I answer yes to "have you been convicted of anything other than traffic violations". But they are considered "non-criminal" charges.
    Either way, it is still a struggle. But my license has no restrictions or anything. We'll see. I have heard of others on here getting jobs in similar situations, so I hope for the best I guess. But I realize that I am fighting an uphill battle.
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    You should be able to have the misdemeanors expunged from your record so that you can answer the question no. I had a friend that had their misdeameanors expunged without any problems.

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