Am I able to get CNA with Juvenile misdemeanor sex offense?

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    I am wondering if I am able to get a CNA license with a misdemeanor juvenile sex offense charge (from when I was 12). I was compliant with everything from courts to probation to treatment, etc. and I am wondering whether or not I will eb able to get my CNA in Virginia.
    I am 18 now.
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    To be honest, the only one who can answer that question is the VA BON. You can ask them--do it by an anonymous e-mail if you prefer--and see what they say. However, keep in mind that most BONs will tell you that they won't give a definite answer until you actually apply, because they review applicants with a criminal history on a case-by-case basis. They will probably let you know what documentation you will need to submit when you apply.

    Virginia Board of Nursing

    Best of luck.
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    In PA, acts on this list prohibit hiring as CNA:
    criminal background clearance:prohibitive offenses contained in act 14 of 1997
    Sexual assault, prostitution, even library theft are on the list.