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Hello, I got my first and only DUI in January of this year. It has been a horrendous experience in all aspects and I've had nervous breakdowns related to it also. I feel like my professional career is over although people... Read More

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    Hello I was just wondering if you had any new info regarding your case? I am in the same boat at this time and stressing the outcome.

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    Hello, interesting conversation. I'm also wondering what eventually happened and if you would be please be willing to share.
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    Get an Attorney who specializes in these cases so that you can be certain you are making the right decisions on how to proceed. Your career is definitely not over my friend! There are many RNs i personally know of who are practicing in California with DUIs. You just need to own your mistake and take action to remedy the situation. Everyone makes mistakes. This is not an issue or moral turpitude.
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    Hi please contact me and please give me the lawyers name
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    Closing thread as member has not responded back in thread in over a year.

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