About to graduate with my BSN and have a few questions about DUIs

  1. Hi there!
    As mentioned in the title, I'll graduate this May (2013) with my BSN. However, I received a DUI in Decemeber 2011. I've not been in any other trouble than this and I've most definitely learned from the situation. I know the process that I'll have to go through with the BON and I'm confident that I'll receive the "okay" to take the NCLEX, though it may be a several months down the road.
    With background details out of the way....
    My real question is: how hard will it be for me to find a job as an RN once I have my license?
    Also, I know I won't be able to work with a temporary license until I get the "okay" to test. Does anyone have any job ideas in the mean time? I was considering trying to work as a CNA, or similar, until I get my license; however, I tried to get a job as a CNA a few months ago, and no hospitals would even consider my application because of my DUI.
    Any advice would be helpful...
    Thanks in advance!
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    The are nurses that frequent this forum familiar with the process and can give you the best advice. Moved to "criminal history forum"