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I am about to graduate from an accelerated BSN/RN program. I have already been approved by the BON to sit for the NCLEX in the state of Texas. I have a felony drug conviction that is 20+ years old. No other problems since that... Read More

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    Congratulations soontograd. I hope you truly enjoy the wonderful opportunity granted to assist in saving lives and giving exceptional patient centered care.

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    Thank you so much for this post. I also have a felony drug conviction that is 10 years old. I'm in the first semester of nursing and I am a bit nervous what will happen when I apply for my license. If there is anyone else out there with a success story, please post! I live in California and particularly interested in hearing a story from this state. I am hoping that the time lapse, proof of rehabilitation, good grades, and community service will prove to the BRN that I am completely rehabilitated and capable of being a qualified, ethical nurse.
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    I dont know if the same but the college used a outside source todo backgrounds. they told me i was clear and could go on. Over the phone the BON sounded promising like its not going to stop me. But i hear stories about somebody gotta take lie detectors, apay for it
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    I read your postings from last year and was wondering how things were going for you so far. Are you still employed and where did you end up? Your posting was very encouraging. I graduate in 5 weeks (RN school) and I too have a drug felony conviction that is 19 years old. I am scared to death that no one will give me a job in nursing. I have a background as an LPN and I some time ago I did everything I needed to do for the BON in Missouri for my license to become active again. Currently, I work in an entirely different field but I could sure use some advise on where to seek employment as an RN.
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    I have been employed now for almost 2 years as a med/surg nurse at a large hospital system in Dallas. I am now also enrolled in a NP program. I wonder if I will find an NP job facility to hire me? Will the DEA approve? I guess I will tell you in 2 years.

    I can do all things through Christ!
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    All the glory is for him! Praise Jesus, the truth, light and way!
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    Thanks for the update re licensure and successful transition to RN.. Best wishes on your continued journey as NP.

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