What else can i do?

  1. I'm an RN (associates) & I'm currently enrolled in an RN-BSN program. I am really trying to get into a hospital to work, but I'm having trouble. I re-did my resume and cover letter, applied all over (I'd say at least 100 apps) I've even searched for nurse managers/recruiters and have emailed them my cover letter and resume. Nothing is working as of yet! Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get into a hospital. Or what else I can do? I have no connections in any hospital
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  3. by   starghadeer
    i have started to put into practice the methods i have found through this article: How I got my dream job!and the link found in it. have any of your classmates found jobs? i would ask your friends to write referrals for you or email the nurse manager of a unit you want to work for (but the hospital where your friend works) and mention how much your friend likes working at _________ hospital, in addition to why you want to work at that hospital. i realized that name dropping (even if it's your new grad friend) helps a lot.
  4. by   itsmee
    Thank you! And I have read that article and done most (if not all) of the suggestions... It's not working yet. I live in another state then most if my nursing friends so I couldn't commute to their hospital.
  5. by   starghadeer
    It also depends on where you are currently looking. Also, do you have any experience as an RN? If you have no experience and are still in school, it may be difficult to find employment. What are you doing besides school and sending out applications? Are you volunteering? It helps to volunteer on a unit/floor of a hospital you would like to work for in the future. I was volunteering in small community clinics but have learned that it would've helped to just volunteer at a larger hospital that I would want to work at. Community clinics do not have the funding to hire fulltime, unexperienced new grad RNs.
  6. by   itsmee
    Yes I have almost two years experience on a subacute rehab nursing home