What does a "meet and greet" entail?

  1. I'm going to a meet and greet and a local hospital. They are posting 10 RN positions including 2 that are just for new grads. Also they have 4 spots in a Cardiac Nurse Residency program. They will be putting the positions on their website for application on Friday but are hosting the meet and greet today.

    I have no idea what this may involve. I'm thinking just info on the jobs or something like that. Does anyone have any idea or experience with this kind of thing?
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  3. by   HouTx
    You're partially correct. It does provide you with an opportunity to obtain job information from them. But - at the same time - they are checking you out. These things are usually attended by hiring managers & educators. They will be talking to you about your interests & abilities. They'll also be making value judgments about how you present yourself - maybe not deliberately, but this is unavoidable.

    So, make sure you are dressed professionally and have clean copies of your resume. Be prepared to answer questions about your career aspirations & past experiences. Show them that you're exactly who they are looking for!