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Hi everyone! I recently interviewed at westchester medical center with HR and with a nurse manager. I interviewed almost 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back yet. I was wondering if anyone else has... Read More

  1. by   newgradnurse111
    Hey, have any of you heard back yet?
  2. by   Newnurse2345
    Yeah! I got offered a job in the labor and delivery unit! Have you heard ??
  3. by   newgradnurse111
    Congrats!! I was called, can you could PM so you can tell me about the whole interview process?
  4. by   newgradnurse111
    Or you can email me at newgradnurse111@gmail.com
  5. by   newgradnurse111
    Hey KatTheRN, I sent you a PM but I don't know if you can answer, I was wondering if you started at the NICU. If you have, do you mind giving me some insight on how its going so far?
  6. by   KatTheRN
    Hey! I emailed you, PM didnt work!
  7. by   Newnurse2345
    KattheRN, did you ever hear back!!?? Hope you got a job offer!
  8. by   KatTheRN
    Such a long story! I interviewed from them on 6/20/2017 for a NICU position for the September start date! Interview went very well! I followed up with nurse manager and the nurse recruitor after the interview and they assured me they would get back to me soon. I contacted the nurse manager at LEAST once a week for the whole month of July and August. NO RESPONSE! Finally!! I contacted the Nurse Manager of the NICU the second to last week of August saying I havent been able to get into contact with my nurse recruitor for weeks and was wondering if you made a decision! She said that the September hires have been made. She interviewed over 30 candidates for 6 September hire positions. She liked a lot of people so what she did to be fair is hired in the order people interviewed (unfortunately I was not one of the first even though I interviewed in June!) She told me she will be hiring for the November start date soon (they only have start dates every other month in NICU) and will be considering some of the June/July candidates for the open November position and will include me in the discussion during the hiring meeting! Im supposed to hear this week if I got offered a November hire position or not! Not sure if I should wait around or move on to somewhere else at this point
  9. by   Newnurse2345
    oh no! well please keep us posted, i hope you hear really soon about the November spot! fingers crossed for you!