Transition from tech to nurse

  1. I recently passed LPN boards earlier this month and was offered a position at my present job which is an acute care rehab hospital. I was wondering would this be considered quality experience on a resume and also would it been better for me to start in ltc? I was scared to start in ltc because of short preceptor time frame and heavy pt load. Here at the rehab the orientation is 3 months before I'm on my own and I'm a little more comfortable with that than being cut loose from orientation training because of shortage of staff which seems to always happen in ltc. Any opinions would help. Thanks
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  3. by   LadyFree28
    I would take the acute rehab job...I'm biassed though. I started out as a new grad LPN at an acute rehab job. Learned TONS...and so will you. Good luck!!!
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    Take the rehab job...since it's an LTAC it will count as acute care experience.