So I got through three interviews....

  1. and I thought I did really well. I had been in touch with the HR person via email through the process, but tonight, I received one of those system generated emails telling me that they "though my credentials are impressive" they went with someone else. I have gotten one of these in error before. I had an interview lined up and received the email. I know that if they close your application, the system sends it.

    I'm disappointed on a few levels: that I didn't get the job, but also that after a lengthy interview process, the HR person didn't even sent me a note. Sigh!!!
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  3. by   shadowness
    This is frustrating but mostly everyone has been through it. My advice to you is to keep searching. Look for contacts like professors, old graduating classes/students, old jobs, family colleagues/friends and find someone who is willing to help you get your foot in the door at a facility. You'd be surprised at how many people "know someone" who "knows someone". Be patient because jobs are extremely hard to come by at the moment, especially for new grads. I was lucky enough to get two offers after 4 months and im in the process of deciding as we speak. Good luck!
  4. by   mappers
    Thanks for the advice, but I'm not a new grad and I have a job. Just trying to change directions.
  5. by   nitasarn
    That is disappointing and aggravating....ESP since were interviewing we follow all the p's and q's, thank you note after interview and all that hoopla and they can't do the same. But at least you got far in the process so you have a lot to offer. Maybe you can speak with the hr rep and ask what exactly set the other candidate apart and use it as something to improve on...good luck
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  7. by   adventure780
    I have gotten a bunch of those automated emails in the past year, but I am still trying because I want a job where I can learn and enjoy my work. So my advice is keep trying!