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I have read more than a few threads on here and quite frankly I am a little appauled at the attitudes. No wonder women ask if they should hide the pregnancy! They're discriminated by female nursing collegues right from the... Read More

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    Quote from 8mpg
    What do people expect? Hiring a pregnant woman is crazy and bad for business...
    It's not crazy; maybe somewhat impractical from an employer's perspective, but not "crazy." And it is not "bad" for business...the patient will think no less of the nurse or company. It doesn't present a "bad" image. And the impractical becomes more practical if per diem employment.
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    And juries haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate employers, overall. I've seen some of the most obnoxious jury verdicts in my state for even tenuous discrimination cases (of all kinds: racial, age, gender, etc.)
    In some of discrimination cases, plantiffs were awarded LARGE amounts of back pay and compensation. Even companies like Verizon and Walmart have been charged(and lost). I read a case of a Walmart employee receiving around $150,000! I'm thinking that's more than Walmart hourly pay.
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    That's unfortunate some of you work in a non supportive environment but we don't treat one another that way where I work. The moms to be get lots of help, those that are dealing with other family things have staff willing to swap schedules with them, those dealing with loss...we always keep those things in mind when making assignments.

    I recall a coworker that lost two family members back to elderly and one unexpectedly and we were all sensitive to that and filled in as needed without hesitation. When she returned, she didn't get any of our end of life people for a few weeks. She didn't even have to ask.

    I wasn't a lazy pregnant nurse and didn't ask or expect any accommodation but co workers just did certain things for me. Even patients and family members were accommodating. Believe it or not other people are indeed sometimes joyous about other women's pregnancies whether they have children or not.

    As to disclosing the pregnancy...I did not but I was a rehire and they would have taken me regardless.
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    If you weren't showing I would go for it...but since you probably know they won't say anything they probably would just guess and not call back. I remember that I received an email stating that they saw my application online and were informing me about an open house...If I wasn't already 6 months and starting to show at that point...I would have went and met some NM...
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    Wow what state are you are very fortunate to work with what seems to be a great group of people...
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    BlueDevil,DNP: I'm surprised you admitted such a detailed hiring experience that you state was so recent. You may want to reconsider what you post on a public forum. Such detail of something so illegal, whether you are in an at-will state or not, could lead you to legal problems down the road. Despite probationary periods, the employee's nondisclosure of a pregnancy, or at-will status, you would probably be surprised to know that employees have been known to seek compensation for wrongful termination and that they usually do get something when pursuing the right avenues. Also, attorney's, as well as prospective employers, do search for posts to blogs, social media sites, and forums like this.
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    I am in this situation right now. I am currently working full time nights on a med surg floor and newly pregnant. Now, I tried for years to have children prior to my nursing career and spent a fortune on infertility treatments. So for me, it is a miracle. Full time nights is a daycare nightmare for me since our families are all abut a 6 hour flight from here and we both work full time. A position has opened up on a detox unit that offers 8 hour day shifts, and there is no lifting. I loved my clinical rotation on this type of unit and I really want this position, but I am not sure what to do about seeking a transfer while pregnant. Ultimately I think I have decided to go interview, and if offered the job I will tell them before accepting to see if they want to wait until after the baby comes to train or hire me. It my husband wants me to keep it to myself as long as possible. I think working on this type of floor will ultimately be a much better long term fit for me.
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    To compound matters, I am a new grad in California been looking for that first job for a year now. I had 3 fantastic interviews in 3 different states. 2 were phone interviews and they couldn't wait to get me out to their state to show me around. I disclosed that I was pregnant and not looking to take more than 2-3 weeks off to recover. I had day care covered so they wouldn't have to worry about me calling out frequently. Once I disclosed this information over the phone, excuses were found to not hire me. So for the 3rd interview I did not disclose my pregnancy and flew out to N. Carolina to interview. It was one of the best interviews I had done; I felt I was a perfect fit and exactly what they were looking for. The nurses on the floor loved me and the manager seemed to really be interested in me. I was rejected a few weeks later.

    I work as a Nurse Assistant for now and spoke with my manger about my experience and she gave me her honest opinion. She would not hire me either if I had applied to a new grad position, and this is after working for her for 5 years now. Her reason was, that even though I say I won't take a lot of time off and that day care is covered it is hard to predict the future. What if, god forbid, something were to happen to me or the baby during delivery and I had to take more time off then expected. She wouldn't want to be left with no nurse and a position empty. She said, frankly, I was too much of a liability.

    Now that I am 9 months pregnant and sturggling to keep up with my Nursing Assistant position I am greatful that I don't have the stress of trying to impress anyone during a New Grad program. My co-workers are great and understanding. They stopped asking me to do the heavy lifting months ago and encourage me to sit as much as possible. I am an "older mom" (36 years old) and have been feeling the pregnancy now that I'm getting closer to the end. In a new position I wouldn't expect such treatment and would be pushing myself to prove myself in order to make sure the NM didn't regreat hiring me.

    Yes my skills are now rusty and I have been out of school for over a year, but as I read these threads I see I'm not the only one struggling to find a job, pregnant or not.

    It is sad that no matter what there is still this discrimination against pregnant women trying to get a nursing position, but at the same time I can understand the NM position. If only I could find a per diem position I think that would be a really good fit.

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