PLEASE HELP New Lpns in Atlanta get paid. ..???

  1. I'm totally getting discouraged about moving to Atlanta to start my career. ...I'm seeing all these post about new lpns starting off at 19.00 or less?? Is this true??? All my nursing friends here in Michigan started at $22-25 For day shifts...
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    Pay is lower in the south. It is true.
  4. by   Sam J.
    Pay is lower in the south, fact. But many LVNs in CA would like to start (if they can find one) a job at $19, and the cost of living might be twice in CA than that of Atlanta. I have a sister in MI, and her heating bill is a 'frosty' $500 per month all Winter, which is more than her house payment. Atlanta is a beautiful place, and if you can find a way to avoid its hellish traffic, that alone is worth a few bucks per hour. Point being- it's hard to compare pay in such different places, there are too many variables.
  5. by   loveLPNs2014
    Yes I was thinking about looking for a job in one of the other cities in GA like marietta Smyrna etc...& move close to my job try to hang in their for a year...I don't think I'm ready for the big dog traffic ( In Atlanta)....hopefully I get a offer for atleast 20 or 21....good luck to you & your fam!