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  1. Hi everyone! I had some questions about getting that first job, and I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out. I might be a little early, or not, but I graduate this December 2012 with my BSN and I was wondering- When is the best time to start applying?! Also, will new grads only get hired to job listings that specifiy only New Grads need apply, or is any RN position fair game?

    Also, this may be a little bit more specific, but does anyone know of any hospitals/medical centers/ clinics that a new grad could possibly get hired at in Austin or the surrounding areas? Any floor would do!

    Thanks for any and all information!
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    A lot of facilities will only hire new grads into new grad programs or positions for which they specifically state they'll consider new grads. So you could try applying to everything and anything that you see because you have nothing to lose...but realize that if you're applying to a job that says "1-2 years experience required", your chances are slim.
  4. by   Aniva
    I would at least start the search now (actual application up to you). Cast a wide net. Look for hospital, clinic, residency programs, etc. i agree with Meriwhen in terms of positions for new grads vs. rn positions. Those who have experience preferred are not off limits, but decreased chances at this point in time. Those that say "required experience" would be worse. You never know. I had friends who were hired into "rn experience preferred" positions, but that was before the economic downturn a few years ago...