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  1. 0 I have been an RN for 13 years and worked in multiple areas within the hospital, insurance, CM, etc. I have not actively worked as a RN in approximately 5 years due to caring for elderly/sick family members. I am interested in getting back in to the field but still continue to care for family members which would only allow me to work ocasionally. My question is - Is it possible to find a job in nursing (especially now with the hiring trends so bad) that will even allow me to get back in to nursing with a flexible schedule or should I start pursuing other non-nursing options. Just not sure if I am valuable anymore to the nursing profession and if I am, where to go to be accepted back.... Thanks!
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    Moving to Job Search Assistance for a more targeted response. Best of luck!
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    Since you have experience, I suggest you try being a teacher. Many nursing schools are looking for teachers with experience and they work flexible hours.
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    Unfortunately, I do not have a MSN and that is the minimum requirement to teach around where I live. Thanks for the thought though...
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    You can teach LVNs.

    You can also enroll to some refresher courses to brush up with your skills.

    Unfortunately, nursing has evolved so much within the last five years and continually evolving. With your experience, these changes can be easy but can also be tricky. Working per diem is one way to bridge the gap.
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    To be honest, I really don't feel that my nursing skills have gotten too rusty as I use them every day taking care of family. A refresher course would be fine, but I hate to spend the money on that and then not be able to get a job right away. I was hoping to be able to get back in somewhere without having to go through that. I don't really want to get back in to bedside nursing, but would if that is what presents itself.
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    You can put what ur doing now on your rsum. It's still exp, and work it's just for family
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    Quote from Nurse_
    You can teach LVNs.
    True that. Most places I've seen only require instructors to have a BSN to teach practical/vocational nursing courses. If you don't have a BSN, I don't know if you'd still be able to, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

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