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Medical transcription for SAHM and international BSN graduate and NCLEX-RN fail

  1. 0 Currently a stay-at-home mom and looking at working from home--Medical transcription maybe? I don't have anybody else who can look after our baby right now; but when she's around 2 years old maybe I could get training and license from a community college as a CNA or PCT then get employed. When I get use to it and if I learn to love it maybe that would help me face the NCLEX-RN again. I've failed it twice and don't know how to approach it next time if I decide to. For the first time I enrolled in a review class Kaplan (Philippines), took the exam then failed. Second time I studied on my own and failed again. Been avoiding Nursing for a while. My RN license from the Philippines expired this year on my birthday and I haven't even renewed it yet--just realizing that now. Any thoughts and/or helpful suggestions on my case? About Medical Transcription training--do I have to undergo training coming from a Nursing background?
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    Just a word to the wise: with Medicare (ie the govt) giving out loads of incentives to companies/hospitals/practices to have electronic medical records, the legit jobs for medical transcriptionists are few and far between.

    As providers we now dicatate our H&Ps, consults, discharges but it is automatically transcribed. We then review it, fix any needed corrections and electronically sign it.

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