Medical City Intern 2017 - page 6

Hey y'all! I wanted to start a thread for those who have applied to medical city intern positions for 2017! I applied for the women's internship and already did a video interview for them. The... Read More

  1. by   nurse2017bsn
    Would you mind posting the scrub prices/brands? I never got the email
  2. by   mom1xx2xy
    It's urbane and landau. Urbane are the softer of what is offered. You just got into scrubs and beyond and give them your id. They will show you what is allowed. I bought a jacket, two different tops and two of the same pants and it was 112. There is only one urbane that had a cargo pocket. :/
  3. by   rowlandontheriver

    I stumbled upon this site searching for information on Medical City Hospital and I am so glad I found this! I'll also be starting next week at Medical City Dallas on the oncology unit. Congrats everyone and see you next week!
  4. by   dianaj_275
    Does anybody know if they have started the interviews for the October 2017 intern?