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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post and I apologize if I post in the wrong area. It was the closest to what I could find in similarity. Anyways. I am an LPN. I have been an LPN for three years although only worked two because I had a baby and have been at home with him for a bit. I am very ready to get back to work but Its hard finding non-clinical LPN jobs. I worked at a methadone clinic which I do not want to do again. I worked at a doctors office for five years as a CMA. Loved it but paid horribly. I am now at a community college for my RN but I will never get into the program. Take my word, LoL. My question is if any of you have or know people that were LPN's and decided to go into billing/coding? I have done research on it and found the pay to be all over the place. Some high, some low. I feel like its back tracking to me. I realize I went into nursing for the wrong reason- I do care about people, often too much. I am just more comfortable on the administrative side and do like the medical field. If anyone knows of certain jobs LPN's can do or input on going for billing/coding, it would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Actually, I know quite a few LVNs (I'm in Tx - we don't have LPNs) who work in 'behind the scene' jobs. But they are employed in abstracting jobs. In other words, they review medical charts and extract specific information that is needed for a certain company or process. These jobs are in Quality Departments, insurance companies & one who works for a group of researchers. The two that work for insurance companies have to travel to client sites to review charts & extract data related to medical treatment so that the insurance company can determine whether it is appropriate. The ones who work in Quality departments are involved in extracting data for various reporting processes & they tell me that this area is expanding due to the increasing number of reports that have to be submitted (everything from trauma/cancer registries to Core Measures, etc.)

    So - I encourage you to explore these areas. The salaries are higher than just billing/coding jobs because they require a much higher level of clinical expertise.