Looking for HAPPY nurses working in administrative positions with Insurance?

  1. I am interested in getting my foot in the door (in an Administrative position) in the insurance field or a Healthcare company of any sort using my medical transferable skills. I want to work for any company out there where the employees enjoy working in a healthy,inspiring, positive, uplifting working environment, where you can be yourself, they train you for a position & don't throw you to the wolves,they want you to succeed in your position, there is collaborative team work, employees like to help other employees, & finally there is a "Family-like" Corporate Culture. I would be so grateful if I could find this type of corporate culture & I really don't care what the position is as long as its not patient hands on care. Please any IDEAS? IDEAS? IDEAS? Welcomed!-Thank-You-Lisa I would truly appreciate any brainstorming ideas from anybody out there.
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  3. by   Enthused RN
    Disclaimer: I'm not a nurse (yet) but I worked in disability insurance claims for some years. I worked closely with RN case managers. They have a cushy job reviewing medical records and helping the claim analysts better understand disabling (or non-disabling) medical conditions. In the past year, all those positions were given the option of working at home full time. The company (a huge, well-known national company) gave the employees who chose to work at home a computer, phone, and paid internet access. Maybe this is something you might want to consider; however I know the company I worked for required some paid acute care experience. So when you think of insurance companies, don't think of just medical insurance companies. Disability and worker's comp insurance companies need RNs (Google the big companies, their benefits are very nice). I heard that the work comp case managers were paid better than the disability case managers though.
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    Hi Enthused_Nurse2B- I just sent you a personal message thanking you for all your help & feedback & a few questions that I am curious about too.

    Thank you again!!!!-Lisa