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Interview Today/ Another Interview Opportunity

  1. 0 I have applied to almost 300 positions so far as a new grad and it seems lately and after receiving a job offer I have recieved more and more interviews.

    Today I had an interview at a state rehab facility. This was the most low nursing skills position I have applied for given that they only give PO meds, Help with Ambulation occassionaly, and help with digital regimens. The interview went well on my side but the interviewer acted a little odd. She told me how to apply to other state positions if I really wanted to work for the state, also she kept saying things like I have to ask you this even if you dont get the position... I dont know what to think about this.

    Anyways, I recieved a call for a Full Time Day Shift Med Surg Position at a local hospital! I am really excited and hope that I get this position because it is day shift. I have interviewed with this manager in the last two weeks and I dont know if that is a good sign or not.

    Basically, my question is, Am I wrong to keep on going on interviews even with an accepted job offer? Did the interview at the rehab facility go as bad as I think it did? and Is it a good sign that I have had an interview with this manager in the recent past?

    Thanks alot. Sry for the rambling.