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    I had an interview at Rochester General in Rochester, NY. The recruiter *******, invited me back to shadow and interview on the floor. It's been 4 weeks since my shadow and I have done everything I was supposed to do (send thank you notes, ask follow up questions) and no word yet. There is no update to my app online and i make sure to contact the recruiter weekly to let her know I'am interested but this is getting old fast. I also interviewed/shadowed at a hospital in DC and the recruiter just doesn't answer my phone calls or emails. I was a recruiter at one point in my life and I just don't understand why healthcare recruiters behave this way. Any advice or is anyone going through the same thing?

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  3. by   Esme12
    They are behaving badly because they this current market...they have multiple candidates for each position.
  4. by   John_J
    A lot of my classmates at Monroe Community College feel the same way to. It's been almost a year since we graduated and a lot of us have not found jobs yet and it seems like folks from all over the US are coming here because there was an abundance of nursing jobs from 2009-2012.