I'm trying to find a job in Wisconsin!! Help!

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    I graduated from the ADN program this past summer and I received my license in October. I do not have any prior experience, and I'm finding it extremely difficult to find a job. I'm willing to work in any department, but I don't even get a call for an interview! Any tips from those who have experienced this??? I'll gladly accept any advice! Thanks!!

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    The market is very tight here (as everywhere!). My only advice is to be open to options, and not have the mindset "I'll ONLY to L&D in an urban hosptial" (not saying this is you!). Don't blow off nursing homes or home health, sometimes its the only thing out there. Are you close to a bordering state? Keep those in mind if they're part of the compact act--I know Iowa IS, Illinois ISN'T.
    Best of luck

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