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Anybody had experience(or an idea) with this job? Workload and job description. I know that they go to facilities for license renewal but No idea how is the job interms of paperworks or workload. Im currently torn between... Read More

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    Quote from RNewbie
    I feel that an individual with a license and a degree is intelligent enough to be successful in a position of this kind with the proper training.
    I'm sorry you had this experience and hope that things will work out better for you the next time around, but just wanted to comment on this statement you made. I worked as a state and CMS surveyor for several years, and found that the job is a lot more complicated and demanding than it appears from the "outside" (being surveyed). I encountered plenty of colleagues with licenses, degrees, and better than average intelligence who were flops as surveyors, even with plenty of initial and remedial training. Lots of people just aren't cut out for that particular kind of work and responsibility.

    Also, in the current employment market, employers are free to be a lot more picky than most of us are used to; the agency may only be considering individuals who have a significant amount of relevant experience at this time, and aren't willing to train people "from the ground up" because they don't have to.

    Best wishes for your next try!
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    Thanks for the responses. I'm approaching my 3 year mark and ready to move on to something else. It's been months of a frustrating job search. The job specifically said that extensive training of didactic instruction and field training would be provided. I just feel like if the requirements do not state that you need previous exp in this area, then the evaluation should not count against you for your selected responses. Anywho, I'm done ranting.
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    Quote from RNewbie
    Thanks for the responses. I'm approaching my 3 year mark and ready to move on to something else.
    Also, for what it's worth --I don't know if you mean three years at your current position or three years in nursing, period. I don't know how things work in the regulatory agencies in CA, but, in my state, three years of clinical experience would not have been considered much of a "plus" for someone applying for a surveyor job -- most of the individuals hired into the surveyor positions had many more years experience than that. Our official job descriptions also said one or two years minimum experience required, but the reality was that just a few years of nursing experience didn't make one a particularly strong candidate.

    I feel for you, though -- this is a really difficulty, painful time to be job-hunting. Best wishes!
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    Hello Colleagues,
    A few tidbits not mentioned in the comments so far...if anyone is still looking for this discussion....

    HFEN in California hires for local areas, so the travel is strictly for a particular region of your city.
    California's HFEN only requires one year of experience; interestingly, considering the description that some gave of the exam.
    And California's HFEN pays you, once hired, (after passing the two-part exam, written and interview) for didactic training, 3 months of it!

    An example of a region in California. I live in North San Diego County.... there is a HFEN specifically for our North County facilities, so the greatest distances traveled would be at most 20 miles. Here in San Diego, folks travel a lot more miles than that to get to their jobs.

    The job description does read as quite interesting and engaging...and also quite a thorough experience requiring detail to work duties/standards. REading from the postcard they sent to recruit me: Flexible schedules; Educational opportunities; Comprehensive Benefits; Salary ranges from $5620 - $6469 monthly; Travel is required with per diem.

    Good luck to all going for it!
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    Do you plan on interviewing? I live in Southern California as well and applied for the position. Anyone else have any interview or position information!
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    Can you tell me about daily schedule? How much time did you spend in Sacaremento?

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