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Anybody had experience(or an idea) with this job? Workload and job description. I know that they go to facilities for license renewal but No idea how is the job interms of paperworks or workload. ... Read More

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    Hello Colleagues,
    A few tidbits not mentioned in the comments so far...if anyone is still looking for this discussion....

    HFEN in California hires for local areas, so the travel is strictly for a particular region of your city.
    California's HFEN only requires one year of experience; interestingly, considering the description that some gave of the exam.
    And California's HFEN pays you, once hired, (after passing the two-part exam, written and interview) for didactic training, 3 months of it!

    An example of a region in California. I live in North San Diego County.... there is a HFEN specifically for our North County facilities, so the greatest distances traveled would be at most 20 miles. Here in San Diego, folks travel a lot more miles than that to get to their jobs.

    The job description does read as quite interesting and engaging...and also quite a thorough experience requiring detail to work duties/standards. REading from the postcard they sent to recruit me: Flexible schedules; Educational opportunities; Comprehensive Benefits; Salary ranges from $5620 - $6469 monthly; Travel is required with per diem.

    Good luck to all going for it!
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    Do you plan on interviewing? I live in Southern California as well and applied for the position. Anyone else have any interview or position information!
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    Can you tell me about daily schedule? How much time did you spend in Sacaremento?