Future travel nurse, need input of references pretty please.

  1. 0 Someone please give me input on this. Thanks.
    I am heading into travel nursing. It's important to find my niche in this profession. I am looking to be out of my current position no later than early May. I want to get things going. I haven;t told my manager yet of my notice, as I have 2 more months in my book to get my travel nursing stuff together and get the heck out of here.

    I was going to give my evaluations to my charge nurses and 2 others this week. Is that a good idea? Is it too soon? Should I wait till all my other papers are fit and ready to submit, then pop out the references. I can't say I know their character very well as in nursing, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW with people but we've worked together, and I am confident they would write great reviews for me, but ofcourse I dont know if they will tell others, or the nurse manager as I dont want her to know. in my opinion, it's not a good idea.

    So, should I wait on the references as last?, they are pretty prompt.
    Should I go ahead and give it to them to fill out, even though it's 2 months away till i give my notice?

    Any input will be appreciated. I just want to get this going so I can feel that I am actually moving on from this experience! LORD KNOWS!

    Thank you
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    I would wait.
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    I would wait until you have about 2 weeks or so left.
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    Thank you. I will

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