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  1. Hello all, I'm new to this forum and would like others input/advice on this matter.I'm a RN-BSN with six years of nursing experience, five years in a hospital setting and a year overseas in a clinic on a military base. My husband is in the Air Force and we were station overseas and have relocated to San Antonio. I am actively trying to obtain a PACU/Surgery Services position. I've also applied to other positions as well. Even though I have been out of the hospital setting for 2 years it seems hospitals no longer wants to cross train nurses and only hires those who have worked in their system. I even applied for entry level positions, RN residency programs, attended job fairs, and even talked to hospital nurse recruiters and still no luck. Btw some of these nurse recruiters were not personable and of no help. Traveling and relocating is not an option. Any other RNs having the same issue in other places? Any tips on landing that right job? Seven years ago, as a new grad, it seemed to be easier to get a job. I'm just getting frustrated.
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  3. by   stepaukob
    Have you tried the VA? Not a bad place to work once you get in.
  4. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I don't know about USAF but USN and USMC have Navy Relief Nurses working out of the bases who are like HH nurses. Network through the folks on base.
  5. by   AF-Wife
    I've checked the military hospitals here and they have no PACU positions. In all honesty, I want to get away from the military sector for now and work in a civilian hospital. I know connections are important and we have been here for about 5 months, but my husband doesn't work or know anyone in the medical department. As each day passes, I feel like I'm losing more and more of my nursing skills.
  6. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    In the name of continuing your nursing career, you might have to settle for something less exclusive than PACU and consider a military job.
  7. by   dspacc
    Hi there! I am also going through the same thing. I have been posting about the struggle to get back in to a hospital. I have 13 years NICU experience and 10 years pediatric homecare
    I left the hosptial in 2008. I have been unable to get back into ANY hosptial here at all. They all want CURRENT acute care experience or within the past year .
    They do not see the homecare as experience for hire.
    Currently I'm going through an agency to try to get a positron in a pediatric long term care facility. I've been rejected after multiple I interviews at hospitals after they see that I have been out of the hosptial for 5 years now.
    My advice to you would be, possibly look through an agency in your area who could place you in a hosptial setting. If you have worked acute care within 2 years there is a good chance they will hire you. I could not do this, because it has been 5 years now/
    Good luck keep trying every avenue
  8. by   estrellaCR
    PACU/Surgery is very specific. You will have better luck if you are open to what department you want to be in. As per your other post, you workedin a military clinic for 1 year. I live in NY and have 8 months of RN experience working full time in a clinic. Unfortunately, clinic experience is not considered hospital experience and jobs such as PACU required at least 1 year hospital experience. You should apply to all nursing jobs that are more general such as MedSurg or other areas that do not require hospital experience so you can get hospital experience and then transition to PACU/Surgery. I know it is frustrating as I am trying for my first hospital job and it is very difficult as I do not qualify for a New grad program since I graduate a year ago, do not have license for other states except NY and of course do Not have hospital experience.

    Just be open to what areas of nursing you want and it will be easier.