Currently any RN office jobs?

  1. I'm a nursing student but I've been looking at the current job market. Best case scenario I would love to work in the hospital. I love the energy and being around so many people. However, my husband always insists that I look for an opening in a private office because of the hours, weekends off etc.

    So my question is has anyone recently been hired in a doctor's office with a ADN? If so what are your duties and responsibilities. And how do you like it?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   naptimeRN
    I'm an RN with an ADN and have been working in the hospital since summer 2012. I have really been wanting to try outpatient so at the beginning of January I applied to two office positions. I interviewed for both and was offered both jobs. One was for a small family primary care office and the other is for a specialty department within a group physician practice working in the office and the day surgery clinic.

    In the first one (family primary care) the job was mostly phone work (prior authorizations, some triage, etc), immunizations, helping the MD sometimes with small in office procedures (wart removal for example). The other job was pre/post op for short surgical cases, performing tests/evals, patient education, etc. I chose the second because I didn't want to be spend majority of the day on the phone. At this point, I still enjoy direct patient care/interaction. The second job positing stated 2+ years experience and a Bachelors degree. I have neither. There were several nurses interviewing and I still got the job.

    So don't be afraid to apply to whatever interests you if the requirements are not too far of a stretch from what you have to offer. I have to say though, I definitely do not think I would have even landed interviews for these jobs if I did not have acute care experience. I think acute care experience is very important, even if just for a year or so. The confidence gained from being exposed to everything you must do as a floor nurse is amazing. You learn sooooo much that will be extremely helpful for going into outpatient areas of nursing from basic skills to multitasking.

    I have not started yet. I am staying per diem at the hospital.

    I do not often see office RN jobs posted on the job search sites in my area. Mostly LPNs and MAs. But sometimes they do pop up, so keep a look out. Good luck!
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  4. by   Sand_Dollar
    I am working in a clinic right now. I want acute care, but in this market I'm just happy to have a job. I have to admit the 8-4:30 M-F is nice but the work is not challenging for all. Much of my time is spent refilling meds (have to make sure protocols are followed, if not they are denied), but I also run the anticoagulation clinic. I do DM education now and phone triage. To fill my time, and keep from being bored, I have started looking at target numbers (such as FOBT's for pt's over 50) and doing what I can to improve them.

    It's great hours, OK pay (beats 0 per hour as a student!) and fabulous coworkers, but I actually prefer 12hr shift and direct patient care. 95% of my time is on the phone and computer and except for DM education, I see a pt for maybe 5 min. I will be gone as soon as I can get a position in acute care.

    As a note, there are a couple other nurses who love this job. They have new babies and it works great for them. So, it all depends on your own situation.
  5. by   naptimeRN
    Quote from Sand_Dollar
    As a note, there are a couple other nurses who love this job. They have new babies and it works great for them. So, it all depends on your own situation.
    Great point, Sand_Dollar. This is definitely something the OP has to consider. In the Primary Care office I interviewed in, the nurses loved the job. They had been nurses for years in acute care and this was a better schedule and less stressful environment in the office for them at this point in their lives.

    But for me, I just don't feel ready for the very limited direct patient contact at this point. I don't even like all the phone calling involved with being Charge Nurse at the hospital lol. So, yes, it really depends on what you want in life. The job I chose has the perks of office hours, but is direct patient care because it is a surgical clinic.
  6. by   bsartor
    Thanks for the response! Glad to see there are still some clinic jobs for RNs. NaptimeRN: congrats on your new position! Thanks for the advice on applying for jobs that I may not qualify 100% for. Sand_Dollar, I agree that in this market any job that pays is a blessing. I like how you chose to challenge yourself. I still prefer the hospital setting but its great know these positions still exist should I want to focus more on family time. Either way I will be thankful just to have employment.