Anyone RNs have worked for Provant Health Solutions?

  1. 0 Just curious to the pros and cons of working for them and how much do they usually pay their RNs at these job fair?
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    Quote from AF-Wife
    Just curious to the pros and cons of working for them and how much do they usually pay their RNs at these job fair?
    Hi! I am a new grad and I just learned of this company. I was wondering if you started working for them or not? I would appreciate any details... Thanks
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    Awaiting response. I received an email from this company and will be attending the online orientation next week to learn what they are all about. I will post once I get info. Anyone else?
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    I tried to do flu clinics for Provent 4 years ago. I was a bit wary of faxing all kinds of personal information to Rhode Island. I had a dress code question, so I called them, and left numerous messages, for 3 days. I never got a response. A week later, my cop neighbor (the kind that gives cops a bad name) came over with a box of syringes and vaccine vials, and a lot of questions. My home was behind his, so he sometimes got my mail. I had a PO box, and I hadn't sent them anything, so I don't know how they got my address.

    I left more messages with Provent. No response. My final message was that I was mailing everything back, and I was not going to be held responsible for it. I went to Kinko's and shipped everything back. I never heard from Provent again.
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    I just started working with provant and yesterday attended my first event. In IL they pay $28 an hour. Everything was very well organized. There were 10 of us and others worked for provant 3 or more years. They send emails with events you can either accept or decline. So far everything was vert smooth.
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    How did you apply to Provant?
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    Go to their website

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