Southern California Hospital at Culver City or Community Hospital at Huntington Park

  1. Any thoughts on these establishments?

    I have a job offer from each but don't really know much about the hospitals. I was hoping somebody on here has some insights.

    I'll be working nights on the telemetry floor as a new grad. They both have about a week or two of orientation and 10-12 weeks with a preceptor. Traffic wise, Culver City is a bit longer. Didn't get much of a feel for either of the floors when I went for an interview. Culver City has a higher rate but after a year, Huntington Park will exceed Culver City's rate due to quarterly raises.

    Culver City seems like it has a bad reputation from what I read online like and

    Huntington park barely has any reviews, it might be because the hospital is so small (it's an 81 bed hospital).

    I would appreciate if anybody gave me some insight. If you are currently working there or previously worked at either of those two places, or you just heard from other nursing friends. Feel free to personal message me if you don't feel comfortable posting. Thanks in advance.