Lurie's New Grad RN Internship March 2018

  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anybody is planning to apply for positions with Lurie's Children's Hospital for the new grad RN starting in March 2018? The website has not been updated as far as when we can expect the positions to be posted, and I called HR yesterday to ask and she said they had no information on when they'd be posted. If anybody has heard anything about this, please share!

    Thanks and good luck!!
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  3. by   chicityRN
    On the website it says they should have been posted today, December 27th, for the March 5th start. But no postings yet! Hopefully soon.
  4. by   Panda92
    I just checked and they're up right now. Do you know when they posted? I'm just curious how long it's been up since I just saw the posting today.
  5. by   Mandy11
    The positions were posted Dec 28th