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Job Status: What does it REALLY mean?

  1. 0 I have been applying to every new grad position possible and I've been checking on the status of my applications online probably every 4 hours .

    Some of them still say "Open" or "Active", while others say "Inactive (No Longer Accepting Job Submissions)". For the "Inactive" ones, does this mean that they are not considering me at all and I won't get the job or does this simply mean they aren't accepting anymore applications and they are still reviewing?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    If your application is Inactive, I would take that to mean that you are no longer being considered for those positions. It's not the status of the job- it's the status of your application for that position. If you application is listed as inactive, then it's probably not being looked at anymore. Sorry. Good luck with your remaining applications.
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    You would have to check with the employer to confirm that they are no longer considering you.
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    Thank you! I will check with them first thing tomorrow Monday morning! Even if I am no longer considered, I will continue to search and search until someone will give me the opportunity to do something that I love

    Thanks again!