Harris Health Spring 2018 Residency

  1. I applied to the Harris Health Spring 2018 Residency. I did not attend the information session due to clinical. However, I did emailed my application package. I was told interviews will be conducted in early December.

    Did anyone else applied?
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  3. by   Purple77
    I applied but have not heard anything. Some of my classmates heard back and had interview with LBJ .
  4. by   Cardiacjunkie
    I selected Ben Taub as my first preference. I still haven't heard from them. I emailed the recruiter and was told applications are still being reviewed. Hopefully we hear back soon.

    Did you applied to any other hospitals in the Houston area?
  5. by   Purple77
    I selected Ben Taub as my first too. I applied everywhere lol. St. Lukes, harris health, methodist all locations, HCA hospitals, memorial hermann, st josephs, md anderson. What about you?
  6. by   Cardiacjunkie
    I applied to Houston Methodist, HCA, CHI St Luke's and Harris Health. I wanted to apply to St Joseph but I had no idea when their applications were open. I've called HR several times and couldn't get a hold of anyone.

    I received a call from a recruiter from HCA informing me that they will start scheduling interviews soon for ppl who did not go to their hiring event. I'm hoping I will hear from them soon. According to the recruiter, they still have several positions to fill.

    I had an interview with Houston Methodist TMC. Unfortunately, I did not get the position. I still have applications for the other Methodist locations though.

    I go to school in another city but I would love to move back home to Houston. So far my luck with landing a job there is not looking too good. I still have hope that I will work somewhere.
  7. by   Tennisgal95
    Hey! I actually interviewed with Ben Taub last week. From what I know they're separating interview days by unit so there were only three units interviewing the day I was there. Apparently they've already interviewed for ICU positions as well.
  8. by   Cardiacjunkie
    I put CVICU as my top unit for Ben taub. I guess I was not considered. Im not bummed about it because I received a call from Houston Methodist yesterday. Apparently there was a mix up with names on the list for offers. I accepted a position for the cardiac/heart failure unit at Houston Methodist TMC. Super excited!
  9. by   thuyphung
    I had an interview with MICU/MIMU at Ben Taub December 8th. I still have not heard anything back. I have emailed and called and keep being told they are working on it. Has anyone else heard back or accepted a position with HH?
  10. by   Tennisgal95
    I interviewed on the 5th and haven't heard anything back either. I called and they told me the same thing.
  11. by   Purple77