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  1. 0 Im looking into becoming a CNA. In doing research online about the training programs offered in my area, Alameda County, Ca, Im finding that most of the websites of schools are not very revealing about what the actual program is like.

    Im basically wondering if it really matters where you choose to go in terms of ability to pass the certification exam and whether the reputation of the training facility is important to employers.

    If you happen to live in the East Bay area and have any knowledge about the local programs that would be awesome, but general insight on becoming a CNA and choosing a training site would be much appreciated as well.
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    I did my CNA training at my local CC (I am in SoCal). I did not know the pass/fail rate from them. I passed with flying colors. The written test was a joke and extremely easy.

    The hands-on portion consisted of doing handwashing while being observed.

    Then you got to pick 3 skills

    I did nail grooming, transfer with a gait belt from bed to chair, and turning a patient. They watch you. You will perform this on a student. You pick from a hat as to what your skills are. Then they tell you pass or fail. My whole class passed!

    Very easy to do. Finding a job? Not so easy and there is not "better reputation school" to get you one either.

    Just do it as cheaply as possible, pass the test, and look for a job ASAP.
    Its worth it!
    Good luck
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    good advice, thanks so much. by the way, how did you eventually find a job? craigslist? calling facilities? thanks.
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    Quote from locutus
    good advice, thanks so much. by the way, how did you eventually find a job? craigslist? calling facilities? thanks.
    I had two friends from a nearby hospital that got in.
    One was a EMT in ER that got my friend in (the EMT was a classmate of mine) as a CNA. Then that fellow CNA got me in. Now I am a CNA in Med-surg/Telemetry

    Easy to find a job in nursing homes. Hard to find first job at hospital. Only downside is that I do not get paid competitively. For working at a hospital I make what those at a nursing home would make. Kaiser starts their CNAs at $17/hr
    I barely make $10/hr plus $2/hr night diff.
    I only work nights, 12 hour shifts. I love only working 3 days a week though!

    Good luck
    and remember whether its CNA, LVN or RN, its not 'what' you know but 'who' you know!