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Choosing a preceptorship

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    I am in the process of choosing my preceptorship for my final semester. I am interested in going into peds. Is it important that my preceptorship is in pediatrics?

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    Not necessarily (any experience is good experience really) but it will be nice to have a peds preceptorship to gain some good contacts for when you start looking for that first position!
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    It definitely wouldn't hurt, all for the experience, the resume dressing, and the networking opportunity.

    However, not getting a peds preceptorship isn't necessarily the kiss of death to your dreams, so if you don't end up with peds preceptorship, don't give up hope.
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    I would certainly try for it but, as the others have said, if you don't get it, it's not the end of the world. I got my first job for the sole reason that my preceptorship was on that floor and my preceptor recommended me to the director and the vast majority of people I know who came to this pediatric hospital as new grads had connections. I did also know other people who transitioned from the adult world into peds though.