choosing a job as an lpn

  1. Hello, so right now I'm a lpn and have gotten job offers but in long term care. Now I'm told that by working in long term care then it will affect me when I get my rn and want to work in a hospital. Do you feel this is true ir false? Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   alrighThen
    False. Work experience is work experience. What is the alternative? Sit unemployed until you become an RN?
  4. by   libran1984
    I was hired as an LPN in an ER. I was later explicitly told that I was hired for the position because I chose not to go into long term but rather a more acute care setting as found in a Prison Clinic. While you absolutely MUST take a job somewhere, b/c there is no reason to be unemployed- but if an acute care setting becomes avail, you should most certainly take it to add buffer to your resume so when you are an RN, you can do something more advanced than just med-surg perhaps.