CHLA RN Residency March 2018 - page 5

Hi guys! Just wanted to start a thread for applicants to the Children's Hospital LA Nurse Residency for March 2018 :) If you'd like you can comment below on where you've applied and your... Read More

  1. by   Yoshi.O
    Just for anyone that is looking for an update on other units. I applied to 5 West and had my 1st interview yesterday. Fingers crossed for a second interview!
  2. by   newgradd
    Steph2488 I applied to 5 West Stepdown
  3. by   nramirez11
    Hey guys! I was super excited to find this and I instantly felt a sense of community with you all knowing that I wasn't the only one desperately trying to find information. But now I might feel a little more anxious knowing that several of you have been contacted already.

    I applied for the ED. Any news from there?

    And congrats on everyone that got an interview.... GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   nramirez11
    Hey! I applied to the ED as well and haven't heard a peep. Any news on your end yet?
  5. by   steph2488
    Nramirez11, I haven't read about anyone getting a call from the ED yet. They said we have until 11/4 though. Best of luck to you though! Keep us updated.
  6. by   NabaroKairu
    Hello I am just checking in, but has anyone heard back from the Heart Institute yet? Thank you!
  7. by   newnurse1059
    Hi @Nabarokairu

    I applied to the heart institute and have not heard back yet....I haven't heard of anyone who has yet. Hoping they will soon! Keep us updated if you hear anything!