Worried...did not clamp main IV line. Worried...did not clamp main IV line. - pg.2 | allnurses

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Worried...did not clamp main IV line. - page 2

Hi there, ok I'm pretty worried about this so here goes.... my patient was on a dilaudid pca, and I realized after my shift the other day that when I changed out the syringe i did not clamp the iv... Read More

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    You are correct that it is possible for the PCA med in the tubing to free-flow when disconnected from the syringe since there is no upstream closed system, although it's unlikely. The PCA tubing we use has no clamp on it, what I do is to stop the fluids I have the PCA running in to while I change the syringe, which is probably a good habit, but in the time it takes to change the syringe it's unlikely that a large amount could infuse. Even if the whole line were to empty (and I've never seen it flow even a tiny bit), the tubing we use has a volume of only 0.2ml