What to do when the Doctor wont call back?? - page 2

As a new nurse I never thought that I would have a problem with a Doctor returning my page, Boy! Was I wrong! I had a patient with a history of seizures with current multiple acute medical conditions... Read More

  1. by   katiedid53
    Oh, Indy, I loved that one, I needed that laugh, he so deserved it. Now for you, sleepdeprived1, I keep a clip board with me and note book paper to keep notes, such as, every time I have to keep calling the blessed (I am being nice) MD who is not returning my pages. I am also just nasty enough to write in quotes what he says when he is being a jerk (yah, I wanted to use another word). Because the person before me who said that he will be the first one to throw you under the bus is right, he will and you have to protect yourself. Make sure you let your supervisor know that a doctor is not returning your calls because she can also help with the calls, not that it will make the MD call back sooner, but it help free you up to do your work. If you are working in an area other than a hospital then you need to just call 911 and send the person out. I always say,"if in doubt, send them out." It is better to be safe than sorry, what is the worst that can happen? The patient is sent back after being assessed in the ER, but you still will have your license at the end of the shift. You do not need a doctor's order to send someone out to the ER. Good luck in nursing, I am glad we have new nurses coming in so that I can retire one of these days.
  2. by   turnforthenurse
    Document each call/attempted call and make sure you leave a message if they don't answer. If it is the on-call MD I am trying to get ahold of but can't, I notify the nursing supervisor if I need to speak to them promptly. We have also notified security who will go look for the MDs...they know where to look because they know where the on-calls sleep. If a code blue is called, an ER physician will always come up to assess the patient/run the code/intubate if needed until the attending MD shows up.