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Medication aides should not exist. Nurses must band together to fight against taking our skills and giving them to under-qualified persons. Sure we are overloaded with work, but they should hire more nurses to alleviate our... Read More

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    I have been fortunate to work with some very knowledgeable QMA's. In our facility, they used to be able to administer g-tube meds and neb tx as well as prn narcotics. I argued this point as all of these require an assessment. Med Aides are not trained to assess. They are trained in pharmacology. I think highly of the girls QMA's that I work with, personally. I would even choose our QMA's over some of our nurses. I encourage our med aides to further their education to become a nurse. I guess I never thought about the "money" aspect of having them work along side of us. But how does that differ from medical assistants? In our area MA's take LPN jobs for less pay. The biggest hurdle with working with med aides for me is that they cannot assess or chart. So you still have to be responsible for the assessments and charting of 42 people on the unit. Let's pass legislation that limits the patient to nurse ratio in LTC facilities in Indiana and other states!
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