Patient fx hip after family refused alarm - page 11

Ok, the family for a short term rehab patient did not place an alarm due to family's refusal (this happened on a wed). He fell a day & a half later, breaking his hip and nose. The NH is coming down... Read More

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    The beds we have have sensors based on the pt's weight. If the pt gets up, or sits up, depending on the setting, a loud ,piercing , shrill beeeeeeeeeeep goes off, and makes people run(literally) to that room to try to get there in time to hopefully redirect pt back into bed, or at least minimize the imminent fall.

    Kinda stinks in semi private rooms. I know if I was a pt rooming in with a confused person who constantly set the alarm off every 5 minutes(and I am not exagerating- that does happen sometimes) I would tell management I am sleeping in the hallway.Customer service only when it's convenient I guess.

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