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I am concerned that my fellow nurses have become careless in their nursing practice. I can't tell you how many times I have questioned why a patient who is obviously in pain, and hasn't recieved... Read More

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    Remember in Nursing school they taught us never sign something you did not do? Never falsify documents, doing things right is better, and safer than cutting corners that can cost time in the long run?
    I worked behind an RN who chose to forget all that. She apparently thought she was going to work a double so she was signing out the ENTIRE MAR at shift change, she simply turned off the tube feedings in the AM and never allowed the remainder of the expected/ordered Total Volume to go in. She had filled in Insulin injections compleate with sites of injection, she had signed out Lanoxin compleate with AR (they are given between 4:30 and 6:00pm) All my HTN and Cardiac residents Vs were SO off it was scarry. All I could do was check and recheck them through the shift (one lady with VERY controled BP normally 108/64 she was 164/78 and much more confused than normal. Dressings not done correctly, or at all, and she claimed there was a Tx nurse (there was not) There were Narcs signed out in the MAR but still in the Box, and I WOULD NOT allow her to check the narc box (the book ok, but NOT the box) once my shift started.

    I was a wreck all night, I took this personally, these are MY residents, and she endangered them all for a easy money day at work.

    time to go back to work, I have been promised she is fired, but I have been promised that before about problem nurses. But they were NEVER this bad

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    I have been working as an Agency Nurse in nursing homes. When I work, I believe that eventhough I am not a reular employee - the staff and patients deserve continuity of care as if I were a regular emplyee. I give them everything I've got to give, especially since they pay a premium for it.

    But . . I have been witness to attitudes of the management of some of these facilities: "A warm body is at least somebody."

    Some have never asked to see if I am licensed, I have been the RN Supervisor, and not given ANY orientation - If I am lucky, a cursury taped report and a Pool Manual. I had to search on my own for fire extinguishers and alarms! Don't even get me started! I understand your frustration.
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    thanks ahn

    I DO know many agency nurses who put in more than they are expected too and I request them to return to MY floor. the warm bodies must at least give a minimum standard of care or will NOT be asked back by ME.
    I really do try to give credit where it is due, and this day was HORRIBLE. The pool unit manager seems to be taking it personally that she did this under HIS NOSE. He found 3 things to write me up on today (one HIS fault)

    NOW I get to see where justce is here at THIS job. Not found it at most jobs lately.

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