Nursing Home regulations State-by-State

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    Nursing Home Regulations Plus, an in depth view of state-by state nursing home regulations.Have you ever wondered who the agency is that does the surveys in your LTC facility, contact info, regs and much more for each state, all on one site.

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    This should be a sticky. That is a good informative link.
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    I actually did ask for this to be made into a sticky, maybe my message didn't get through, will ask again, thanks .
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    Excellent! Consider this 'stickied'
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    Thanks, mjlrn97. This is a really good link.
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    You can always ask your DON for the book on the Federal Guidelines and state guidelines. That would help you alot. As mentioned before there are sites for each state. You can even look as nursing home compare if you are considering a job somewhere. It will tell you the survey history, staffing ratios. The regulations are also on these sites.
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    Thank you for this information.
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    Thank You for the information it is so informative!
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    Why is there no nation-wide set of rules? Learning the different laws from state to state is a mess. Standardizing the scope of practice and "rules of engagement" might be less confusing. State laws, requirements for licensure, all confuse nurses moving to a new location.
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    GREAT INFORMATION....this is what i needed to help me in my new job...thanks

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