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I am a first year nursing student who just finished a class about pain management. We were taught, that everyone has an individual pain tolerance and it should be treated if the patient expresses... Read More

  1. by   smily nurse
    I also am sorry that you had to go through this. I had a fx hip and walked on it for 5 wks..... I have a high threshold.... I taught prenatal classes and tend to breath throught things..... after my hip was pinned they offered pain med..... well I had no pain then.... it was before!!!!
    I agree with reporting everyone... whatever that pt says their pain is, is what their pain is.
    good luck!!! XO
  2. by   caliotter3
    I had basically the same issues and agree that having an advocate can help. I also agree that you should write the letter. More letter writing to the right people might bring about some change in the behavior of some individuals.
  3. by   Biogirl4
    Thanks everyone for your advice and well wishes. Just an update. I found out that one big part of my pain was damage to the perineal branch of my sciatic nerve which can happen if someone inadvertantly leans on your leg during surgery (while it is strung up oddly in the stirrups for a vaginal hysterectomy). I am still taking Tramadol because that pain is still hanging around, but I have recovered ok since then. Finally after week 5 I started to be able to void on my own - around the time the sciatic pain began to decrease. My surgeon said that he must have deinnervated my bladder.

    I now have some great nursing insight about having to self-cath for long periods of time. I also have a good idea of what it is like to go home with a catheter leg bag too. I am taking my time to write letters to make sure they are well written. My hope in all of this is NOT to get anyone in trouble, but to bring AWARENESS that nobody at the hospital was truely invested in my care and that their was lack of patient ownership. I just feel so much better hearing from you all that I really did have every right to ask for pain medications and that it WAS bizarre that they told me I shouldn't be asking.
  4. by   tewdles
    It is okay to get people in trouble...especially when they are harming patients!
  5. by   llerkl
    I am SO SORRY this happened to you!!! A few things I am thinking, based on the information you have provided.......Sounds like the nursing staff did not understand that you had MORE than a vaginal hyst and were basing their administration of pain medication on that alone. You certainly would require more pain meds with the surgery you had!!! The other thing I wonder you have a chronic condition (I mean pre-op) that causes pain or changes your normal pain response? Such as fibromyalgia, some type of neuropathic pain or the like?? Were you on any medications pre-op?? If so, what medications??

    I am a Pain Management Nurse and when I have trouble managing a patients pain after surgery on the current meds ordered, I ALWAYS go to the patient's history. I look for other diagnoses or currently prescribed medications.

    Were you taking the ibuprofen and oral dilaudid, as often as they were ordered and the maximum dose ??? If you were and you were still having uncontrolled pain, the nurse had an obligation to notify the surgeon of your unrelieved pain and obtain further orders to assist in managing it.

    Again, I am so sorry for you and hope you will recover from this awful ordeal.