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Okay, I am totally taken aback by what I experienced today at work. I am at the end of my orientation and I was with a float filling in on the floor who was supposed to be the desk nurse for 4... Read More

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    I am a travel nurse with a number of hospital experience to share with you. I had the best time of my life in Standford University Hospital. The best time in my nursing career in fact. It happened to be a very welcoming, loving and respectful place to work. It is a non profit establishment.
    Then came a certain Medical facility in Anaheim, California. There, because it is a for profit establishment, the benefits of course is poor so people who work there either cannot get a job in a better facility or use this facility as a part time hangout because the benefit portion of the job is paid adding more money to their other job at a better facility with better benefits. As a result, the place is staffed with a lot of transients like travel nurse, per diem nurse and part time staff. In this unit of 30 patients, therefore 5 staff, there were 2 obese female Caucasian LPNs who continuously ate and nibbled throughout the shift, tells the patients "don't bother me, can't you tell we are talking? go ask the nurse." Even though all they had to do was get up, walk a few steps to open the laundry room door for the patients. So 2 out of the 5 staff were useless for most of the work. This then leaves 3 nurses. I happened to have one young recently graduated Filipino nurse as a charge nurse. She looked after the paper work, admin stuff and is hardly outside the office. When she was out in the unit, she caused more problem with the mental patients then she solve necessitating my putting down the flame! Then besides myself, there is this great big per diem black nurse who of course did not know any of the patients and so she never got out of the office either. I had to handle all the admission, transfers and discharges while she nurse the chip on her shoulders. At the end of the shift, I would be charting from 10pm till 11pm. I would go home with a kink in my next and went to sleep with the kink only to get relief in the morning. That was the worse 3 months assignment I have ever endured.
    My advice to travel nurses is to ask if the facility is a for profit organization or not. Then you make your choice.
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    welcome to nursing... it's the illusion of great care, I know it's sad....
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    Feb 2 by DookieMeisterRN

    "I'm sorry I can't give any advice you're post is really difficult to follow with text/abbreviations."

    I know what you the 3rd paragraph, my mind went to my happy place...
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    Scary! I hope things start looking up for you.
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    The aids are not d/c ing the pain patches, the people taking them off are drug addicts and using the patches to get high. That needs to go to the attorney general/state board of nursing/police.

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