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I live near the gulf where evacuating for hurricanes is a possibility around this time. The hospital where I work places nurses on teams. One team is forced to say, the other forced to come back 24... Read More

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    Isn't also somehow wrong to state your kids are more important than anything else. If we have to be empathic, we should be empathetic all. I mean the basic point the OP had was she felt it unfair that she had to risk harm and discomfort when others did not though the selection criteria was different.

    The more replies I read to this topic the more I lean to the OP's side. I just assume that most people were like myself and had a sense of duty that if disaster struck and I had a useful skill to offer that I would instead of just hunkering down with my husband.

    Incidently I have a 3 month food supply, can spin, weave and sew, drive a horse and carriage so in case of an appolacyse I'm set ;0
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!

    Welll, it was more of a joke than anything, but since you brought it up - I didn't have kids, and I'm not responsible for anyone else's unless they're wearing an arm band with a bar code on it!
    What in the world does that have to do with anything? Some people say they'd stay in an emergency. Some people say they'd go home to their kids. I'm pretty sure nobody said they'd send you home to take care of their kids.
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    It's an indirect responsibility. Person A leaves to go look after their kids so that means Person B has to stay.
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    Quote from Piglet08
    We now have a comprehensive holiday schedule on a three-year rotation. It includes Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween, thanksgiving eve, easter eve, etc. Any "holiday" that is hard to staff. We know three years running which shifts we're going to be on. We're free to trade if we can find someone to do so with.

    Not too many holidays I care about. I do love fireworks, tho. ( I was ever so lucky that I was on call 4th of July and got to see them with fam, and then my phone buzzed that they needed me and I skittered on in. Perfect timing.) The feasting events can be rescheduled. And as you said, little kids don't know and bigger kids can learn there are ways the whole world isn't about them.
    The superbowl gets put on the "holiday" rotation? OMG, I've seen it all now.
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    Superbowl is the BEST day to go to Disneyland or Magic Mountain FYI so thats a good holiday to have.
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    We have VALENTINE'S DAY on our holiday schedule. I'm sure Super Bowl will come soon...
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    The OP's question has been answered......the thread is closed for staff review
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